Monday, April 18, 2011

A small change in plans

So remember in an earlier post how I said that God's plans were always bigger and better than our own?


We are still adopting but we have a change of plans.

Instead of Alex and the girls getting a new brother

It looks like they will be getting a new sister.....two new sisters!

That's right....if all goes well (and we pray that it does) we will have two beautiful little girls
ages 5 and 7 joining our family very soon!

Out of respect for them and their culture, I'm not going to post too much information until they are
with us, but I wanted to share the excitement and happiness!  I'll keep you posted on the process along the way.

We are so happy to know that we have found our children and and are all very excited to get to know them and prepare our home for two more. 

Don't worry, we still haven't ruled out a brother for alex in the future...

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  1. God is always in control! I am so happy for ALL of you!