Monday, April 18, 2011

A small change in plans

So remember in an earlier post how I said that God's plans were always bigger and better than our own?


We are still adopting but we have a change of plans.

Instead of Alex and the girls getting a new brother

It looks like they will be getting a new sister.....two new sisters!

That's right....if all goes well (and we pray that it does) we will have two beautiful little girls
ages 5 and 7 joining our family very soon!

Out of respect for them and their culture, I'm not going to post too much information until they are
with us, but I wanted to share the excitement and happiness!  I'll keep you posted on the process along the way.

We are so happy to know that we have found our children and and are all very excited to get to know them and prepare our home for two more. 

Don't worry, we still haven't ruled out a brother for alex in the future...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


                 Today my heart has been heavy.
                 I have been thinking about a woman whom I've never met.
                 A mother who is looking for a family for her children
                 .....because she is dying of AIDS.

                The saddest part is, she shouldn't be dying.
                Her children should not have lost their father
                Her children should not be losing their mother

                If she lived in the United States things would be different
                She could have been educated on how AIDS is contracted
                She could have been treated with medications to live a long life
                She wouldn't have passed the virus to her son

                To put a story and face to adoption of orphans
                is simply sadder and heavier than I could imagine
                They all had parents
                They all have stories

                Today a woman on the other side of the world
                is preparing to say goodbye to her children

       how was your day?



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

one for you and one for them


                                        What a cute idea for Easter!

                                      Order a bunny for you and one
                                     will be sent to a child in Uganda


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why Alex Needs a Brother

                       Wanna know why this sweet boy needs a brother?


It isn't because he is surrounded by Barbie dolls, Barbie jeeps, and Barbie houses or the fact that he regularly plays with the girls' Polly Pockets.  In fact he enjoys playing with all those things.

But what he really LOVES is wrestling and having pillow fights where he constantly gets knocked down only to get up giggling more than ever (those of you with girls know that only lasts so long before there are tears) and putting on his dad's boxing gloves and yelling POW as he punches you in the belly waiting for a return shot. 

When I first found out I was having a little boy, I wasn't sure what to think.  I was a mom of girls. I knew what to do with those.  I found out what to do with him the moment I held him and looked into his eyes...I'd love him.  He has stolen my heart like no one else has!  So much so that when we decided to adopt, without question I knew it needed to be another boy.

Give me a house full of boys so full of energy....wrestling, jumping off furniture (even when they are forbidden to do so), jumping ramps on their bikes and scooters, filling their pockets with rocks and snails, all those things that boys do for reasons that are so foreign to their mothers.

We just completed the final social worker visit for our home study. That means that Alex is one step closer to meeting his brother and we are one step closer to meeting our son.  We are praying for him now.  Praying that he is being loved and cared for until we get to welcome him into our home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One day closer

What a week!

We have completed 2 of our 3 required homestudy visits and we had our first correspondence with our attorney in Uganda!  This is really happening!   I feel like I did those first few days after finding out that I was pregnant.  Suddenly the only thing I can think of is what our family is going to look like in the future.  It is very hard to concentrate on much else.  If I got a call to jump on a plane tonight, I would eagerly pack a bag and jump on the next flight to Uganda!  I feel such an urgency to get there and bring our child home.

I have often heard many people wonder if they could ever love an adopted child as much as their own.  I will confess, before starting this process that thought was there way in the back of my mind.  But I know I will love that child as much as the three I already have because I already do.

Our message to our child so far across the world is "hold on, your mother and father are coming for you soon and we love you more than you can imagine!"