Thursday, April 14, 2011


                 Today my heart has been heavy.
                 I have been thinking about a woman whom I've never met.
                 A mother who is looking for a family for her children
                 .....because she is dying of AIDS.

                The saddest part is, she shouldn't be dying.
                Her children should not have lost their father
                Her children should not be losing their mother

                If she lived in the United States things would be different
                She could have been educated on how AIDS is contracted
                She could have been treated with medications to live a long life
                She wouldn't have passed the virus to her son

                To put a story and face to adoption of orphans
                is simply sadder and heavier than I could imagine
                They all had parents
                They all have stories

                Today a woman on the other side of the world
                is preparing to say goodbye to her children

       how was your day?



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