Monday, April 4, 2011

One day closer

What a week!

We have completed 2 of our 3 required homestudy visits and we had our first correspondence with our attorney in Uganda!  This is really happening!   I feel like I did those first few days after finding out that I was pregnant.  Suddenly the only thing I can think of is what our family is going to look like in the future.  It is very hard to concentrate on much else.  If I got a call to jump on a plane tonight, I would eagerly pack a bag and jump on the next flight to Uganda!  I feel such an urgency to get there and bring our child home.

I have often heard many people wonder if they could ever love an adopted child as much as their own.  I will confess, before starting this process that thought was there way in the back of my mind.  But I know I will love that child as much as the three I already have because I already do.

Our message to our child so far across the world is "hold on, your mother and father are coming for you soon and we love you more than you can imagine!"

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  1. You WILL love them more than you can imagine! So excited for ALL of us to be a part of your "family"