Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why Alex Needs a Brother

                       Wanna know why this sweet boy needs a brother?


It isn't because he is surrounded by Barbie dolls, Barbie jeeps, and Barbie houses or the fact that he regularly plays with the girls' Polly Pockets.  In fact he enjoys playing with all those things.

But what he really LOVES is wrestling and having pillow fights where he constantly gets knocked down only to get up giggling more than ever (those of you with girls know that only lasts so long before there are tears) and putting on his dad's boxing gloves and yelling POW as he punches you in the belly waiting for a return shot. 

When I first found out I was having a little boy, I wasn't sure what to think.  I was a mom of girls. I knew what to do with those.  I found out what to do with him the moment I held him and looked into his eyes...I'd love him.  He has stolen my heart like no one else has!  So much so that when we decided to adopt, without question I knew it needed to be another boy.

Give me a house full of boys so full of energy....wrestling, jumping off furniture (even when they are forbidden to do so), jumping ramps on their bikes and scooters, filling their pockets with rocks and snails, all those things that boys do for reasons that are so foreign to their mothers.

We just completed the final social worker visit for our home study. That means that Alex is one step closer to meeting his brother and we are one step closer to meeting our son.  We are praying for him now.  Praying that he is being loved and cared for until we get to welcome him into our home.

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