Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We heard from our lawyer in Uganda over the weekend and the investigation of the girls is complete!  We should be getting our affidavit to sign...soon.  I think this is something we sign stating our intentions to adopt. Paternal and maternal family members from the girls also must sign these.  "Soon" could mean this week or next week, but since we are talking about Uganda, I am expecting it the week after that :) Once we get this signed, we will send over all of our paperwork to our attorney and wait for a court date(s)!
                                       We are getting close!!

With this new information I have decided to finally start getting the rooms ready for our new additions. It feels a lot like the nesting I did during the last month or so of each of my pregnancies.  Right now Ava and Gabi are sharing a room so yesterday we spent all afternoon cleaning out the guest room to get it ready for Ava to share with her new sister.  Of course, the whole upstairs is turned upside down and now I need to figure out what to do with all the stuff I was storing in the closet that room!

The girls picked out pillows for their new rooms yesterday, so now we have a color scheme to go with.

Next on the list is new bunk beds, paint, comforters....you know, all the fun stuff!  This should keep us me pretty busy the next month or so!


  1. So exciting! Definitely the fun part for you and the girls. We found awesome bunkbeds for the boys on Craigslist. Have fun rearranging and decorating. They will be here soon!! XOXO